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Patty’s clients are employers of all sizes, geographic scope, and levels of sophistication in employment and labor law issues.  They have ranged from international businesses and Fortune 200 companies with thousands of employees, to small organizations and non-profits with less than 50 employees.  She has worked with employers in many industries, including the energy, health care, home health care, technology, pharmaceutical, construction, public utility, agricultural, professional services, transportation, manufacturing, and security industries.


Patty has long-standing relationships with many of her clients who regularly turn to her for proactive workplace advice.  She is not only an adviser, but also a partner in helping companies to improve their policies and avoid costly and wasteful lawsuits.


A few words from some of Patty’s clients:

“I have worked with Patty for over 16 years.  The reason my organization has a continuous relationship with Patty is her responsiveness, practical approach, knowledge and her ability to work well with any personality.”

“I would recommend Patty to a business looking for new employment law counsel because she is a person of the highest integrity and absolutely capable.  Patty is dedicated and loyal to her clients.  Her knowledge of the law and her practical approach delivers results.  Once Patty is engaged I no longer worry about the issue.”

"Patty Gill is the absolute trifecta of subject matter expertise, terrific bedside manner, and pragmatism.  She truly serves as a trusted advisor, focusing on creating long-term value for your business and providing reasonable, doable, and easy to execute advice.  She is bright, charming, and extremely accessible.  To get this level of quality at this price is simply unheard of.  I can’t overstate my high opinion and appreciation for Patty.  She is indispensable!"

“Patty is a strategic thinker who clearly has exposure to business operations and not just employment law.”

“I think one thing that makes Patty unique is her ability to translate what are very technical and detail oriented rules into a simple jargon-free approach that we can understand and apply in future situations.”

“I have worked with Patty for over 12 years and consider her an integral part of our team. Her in depth legal knowledge and solid counsel help ensure we are making the best decisions for our organization.  I especially appreciate her comfortable communication style and ability to find workable solutions to complicated issues.”

“Patty appreciates the fine line between running a business/human interaction and buttoning down our legal position.  At no point does she suggest I do something without recognizing the reality of its implementation.”

“I would recommend Patty to other business leaders looking for new employment law counsel because she tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.  Straight talk is imperative when it comes to employment related issues and Patty’s ‘bedside manner’ is endearing, yet firm, at the same time.”

“One of the things that makes Patty unique is her responsiveness. Often, when HR issues come up they need to be addressed as quickly as possible and Patty is always very easy to reach and flexible when scheduling phone calls. Patty is also very efficient in the way she asks the pertinent questions to understand the legal needs and then offers knowledgeable legal counsel.”

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